Interview to HEAT 2010

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Q) How come you decided to set up a melodic rock band, as it's quite unusual nowadays?

A) I don't have a good answer for how we started to listen to this kind of music but I guess it's a simple as we love this music and we write it from the heart. We haven't truly started like: Okay, we are gonna be a melodic rock band! We were a band and we played the music we wanted to play and I think that it's very important to bands not to be afraid to play whatever they want to play.

Q) How can you do this so really good?

A)Well, I don't know. I think you have to find the right people and when you find the right people you gonna feel all fine. We just have fun with all we do and I can see that people have fun.

Q) Is some people helping you on composing your songs?

A) No, no, no. We just write our music by ourselves.

Q)Have you any plan about collaborating with other Swedish bands?

A)Not really actually. I don't think so. We do everything ourselves basically. We have contact with them, we are inspired by them but, in terms of composing, we don't collaborate.

Q)We've had the chance to listen to samples of your second album which, in our opinion, it's as good as the first one but can you explain to people who haven't listened to your new album yet, what are they going to find in it?

A) I think that our new album is a bit wilder than the first one. We have softer songs but sometimes we have ugly stuff. We are exploring on this but we are a melodic rock band and it's all about melodies.

Q) I can't believe how fast you are in writing songs. Did you write the songs from this new album in this year or did you use previously written songs so as you were able to relax a bit and to have enough time to arrange the gigs?

A) We actually wrote five of the songs two weeks before entering in the studio and some were done after we released the first album, so some songs are two years old and some are two weeks old.

Q) Which was the decision for the departure of Kenny?

A) Kenny has been attracted to another life in England. It is partly for strictly personal

reasons - reasons we respect. Also, Kenny has been struggling with voice related health issues, that have affected both him and the band negatively.

Q) Which was the decision of the band and the thinkings of Erik to join H.E.A.T. Will him contribute in the song making?

Erik was always a dream candidate, but I didn't think we would be able to get him! But as it turned out, we got him and we're on a roll! We've written a little with Erik and he will probably contribute to the writing process, yes!

Q) You tried to be chosen to represent your country in Eurovision Song Contest with your song “Ten thousand miles” but, unfortunately, you didn't get the first position. It was worth for the band?

A)Very much, 'cos it's the biggest technique doing in Sweden, in terms of people seeing you. Half of the population is watching that show so it was a very big step for us and it helped us a lot in Sweden and to get out from Sweden too, into Europe and Japan.

Q) What do you think about promoting your music on the Internet?

A) I personally think that Internet is really good and it has been made good for us. For instance, you said how you heard “Green” and how can you do that without the Internet. We see Internet as a tool to reach out people and I don't care if people download as long as they go to our concerts.

Q) I have to admit that spanish people doesn't have many chances to know about hard rock or melodic rock bands. In Europe promotion isn't as it was in the Eighties when radio programmes was a way to get fans. Do you think this is changing?

A) Yeah I think so. There are new bands as (nombre de una banda) or (otra banda). I think melodic rock is in its way back, a bit at least. No bands like Journey or Whitesnake making new albums.

Q) How melodic rock is doing in Sweden and in Europe?

A) Melodic rock sung is Sweden is very good. A lot of new bands opened up.

Q) Did you enjoy your gigs in Pamplona and Madrid? And the most important, did you meet people on them who never heard of HEAT and that they are your fans now?

A) First of all, the shows were amazing, we were proud of spanish audience and, hopefully, people that came to see the gig liked it. We hope they listen to our new album, that's why we toured, for new people find out of us, and for making them happy.

Q) If you had to choose a Swedish band, which band would you choose?

A) I would say “Europe”, that's probably the biggest band from Sweden for me.

Q) And out from Sweden?

A) We listen to many bands... “Toto” is the biggest and the best band. We listen to Bon Jovi... Iron Maiden... Giant...

Q) You talked of “Europe”... Maybe this question it's a bit embarrassing for you to answer but... Which is your favourite “Europe”'s album and which would be their favourite album?

A) We like “Out of this World” and “Prisoners in Paradise” but we think they like “The final countdown” the best.

Q) To end this interview... Can you say some words to your spanish fans?

A) Keep forwarding HEAT. We love to come to Spain. We love to see you live. We like to see you and take this back: Free on rock!


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