Interview with Wig Wam in Norway


This interview was published in the This Is Rock magazine September 2006.

Jesús: The first thing I want to ask you is how Wig Wam started. As you said during the concert Wig Wam started five years ago, but which is the origin of Wig Wam? Was it a party rock n roll band?

Wig Wam: The idea of Wig Wam? When we first started it was the year 2000 and Teeny was set to put on a jam session band. We knew each other, the four of us, from the 80's because we were involved in, you know, "humourous bands". We never played together before but Teeny and Flash were in a band together, and Sporty and Flash were in other band. Then we started this jam session band just for fun. After I was in a solo project during that time and the other guys put up the guitars on the wall starting regular jobs, regular lives.

Jesús: Can you tell me some more about these jam sessions? When did people start to know about you?

Wig Wam: We usually had a lot of people coming to see our shows when we did a lot of cover songs. We played in a place in Hole in Norway, when we had a "regular kick" as a band. We had to come up with a name and a week before that show, the 24th February 2001, we came up with the idea to put up together and start Wig Wam. We took some pictures and renamed ourselves as Glam, Teeny, Sporty and Flash, also our new outfits, just for fun.

After this we started to play regular gigs in this place as Wig Wam. Then someone talked about us, about we were a great band, and then decided to play in other towns in Norway.

Jesús: This was the beginning of the project when you played cover songs, when did you start to compose and play your songs?

Wig Wam: After a while we began to put in some songs that we made during that time and slowly all developes to become what Wig Wam is today.

Jesús: Talking about the songs, I think they usually have funny lyrics. I mean, the philosophy is party rock.

Wig Wam: Yeah, specially on the first album, and most of the second album. We like people to have a party, we like people to know to have a good time. So, we don't talk about politic, about religion or whatever. The only message that we would like to send to people is "have a good time, let's rock n' roll". Actually, our song lyrics, even if it sounds funny, have a serious conscience to it. Think for example in Hard to be a Rock'n'Roller, it sounds funny, but you can find serious things in the lyric. If you "arrange" your ass off to become a rock and roll start and you have money, limousines, girls... stop complaining about it, apreciate what you have obtained. Some people start to focus on the wrong things, on everything that doesn't have to do anything with the music scene.

Jesús: Tell me something about the second album. After a very good first album, for me you did an even better second album.For a lot of melodic rock fans in Spain your second album is one of the best albums of the year.

Wig Wam: After the first album we toured, we toured..... and you know, it was a great success and we had to come up with the next album. We didn't wait a long time, we basically did the second album in two months, writing it, recording it and releasing it. For us is a better album too, better focused. When we recorded the first album we didn't know what Wig Wam was. We just recorded it for our fans, only what they wanted, and we focused the second album is more what the fans wanted and we knew what we wanted. And for the third album...

Jesús: Do you mean you have new songs for a new album right now?

Wig Wam: Yeah of course. We are making music all the time, we already planned it. A few weeks ago I found Teeny making a new riff during some breaks, you know, minutes dead. This happens often, some ideas came up, and you start to memorise, you record some basses and have a new album. We definitively don' know the title yet (laughs). We don't focus on that now, we just make songs to have fun, for pleasing ourselves.

Jesús: Which is your story with Eurovision and what did Eurovision represent to you? More promotion in Norway, in Europe?.

Wig Wam: We started with the Eurovision thinking because we recorded a demo tape, and we presented it for the recording in Norway. They told us "rock and roll is dead" and nobody wanted to record our album and to release "that shit". Then we decided to record it ourselves with less expensive money, the way we wanted, without changes. After we recorded the whole album, a guy from our management thought that Crazy Thing was so cool and he send it to the Norway broadcasting. And suddently we received and invitation from the Norway broadcasting for the Eurovision song contest. First we thought it was a bad joke, but then we said, ok let's go and kick some asses and maybe we will have some more shows. I remember the faces seeing us with our clothes and the Norwegian people and the press shocked thinking "what!?". Then we got all their attention and it permitted us to sign with a small company Global records who wanted to release 667 The Neighbour of the Beast. After we made number 3 on the Eurovision song contest in Norway and we made the 667 tour a lot of fans during it. Also we were invited by another company to record in a Kiss tribute album with Bruce Kulick. Then this new company helped us to re-record our album to give it a second chance, calling it Hard To Be A Rock N' Roller

Jesús: ..with a complete remix and remaster I think

Wig Wam: Yes, we remixed some songs and give them a more power bass and drum sound and remastered the whole album. Also adding the song The Drop. They released and it did reallly well. Then we received a new invitation from the Eurovision broadcasting song contest because it was the 50th anniversary. We decided to go only if we could pick a song for ourselves and full control to do it. Then we were writing new songs for the forthcoming new album, that we called Wig Wamania, and we had some songs, Flying High, A Rock and Roll Girl Like You and In My Dreams. Then we decided for In My Dreams, we won the competition in Norway and because we didn't have enough songs for a full album we re-edited Hard To Be a Rock And Roller... In Kiev with In My Dreams. After we had a big tour in Norway with more than 70 shows and also promotion in Iceland, Denmark, Romania. We supported some shows in Germany with Gotthard.

Jesús: Some people said that in your last album Wig Wamania sometimes you sound a little like Gotthard, and they say perhaps you were inspired by their music too.

Wig Wam: No because we weren't familiar with Gotthard at all, and our album was written before our gigs with Gotthard. Of course our music is pretty similar because it's the same type of music. They are a very friendly people and I don't think they spied on us (laughs).

Jesús: And about the next album you talked about? Will it go out soon?

Wig Wam: Well, first we will be promoting Wig Wamania in Japan and other countries and we will release a new DVD in English with a lot of songs from Wig Wamania.

Jesús: Which are your influences in music? In Norway there are some melodic rock bands like TNT, Return, Stage Dolls...

Wig Wam: We listen to all kinds of music from Deep Purple to Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, even The Rasmus, and of course Kiss, Alice Cooper, Journey, I am a big fan of Journey. And for example Flash is a big fan of heavy metal, you know, Metallica, Judas Priest.

Jesús: As you said before, because Wig Wam started as a party cover band, the idea is not to forget some of the covers in your shows...

Wig Wam: Yes we play some covers in our shows. The first idea was to put them ir our show, we can play and make our music but we didn't want to play only original sounds. People are there to have party and they will see a combination of original songs and classics. We focus on to make a big show and to make people smile.

Jesús: Will you have some other shows after the summer?

Wig Wam: We will have a break now to rest and after we will go to Hannover in Germany to promote our album and to have some shows. Also we release our album in Japan in July and we will have to go to Japan too. We will play in the Firefest 3 in UK with a lot of bans and also in Greece.

Jesús: Did you receive any offer to go to Spain?

Wig Wam: No, but we are in the same agency that books TNT in Barcelona and we are looking for some dates there. But first we have to got a label to distribute our album in Spain.


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