Interview with Return in Norway


This interview was published in the webzine Laestadea.

Jesús: Hello, my first question is why has it been such a long time without the band beeing on the road, without recording lps and live concerts. Did you decide to stop to take a break?

Return: We decided to stop to take a break in 1994-1995 and it lasted for 6 years.

Jesús: But, have you been in other projects or bands during this time?

Return: Well, not in other projects, working in usual jobs. Now we still work and now music is like a hobby, but we were back in 2000 when we did 30-40 gigs touring Norway.

Jesús: During this tour I think you recorded your live album, correct?

Return: Yes it's true, and the Best Of. And after we had 2 o 3 gigs in 2001 and 2002, and they increased again in 2003 to 2005 with the new album Return – S/T from MTM.

Jesús: Did you get in touch with MTM or did they know that you were back?

Return: I think all started with MTM contacting us because they heard some rumours and at this moment we were with a local label, a small label. With MTM we can have distribution in the rest of Europe.

Jesús: About the last album. I recognize some songs with the old Return sound but other with a new modern rock style. Which style do you prefer? Because personally I prefer the old Return melodies.

Return: Thank you for your observation because not many people pay attention on this. I think Mario and other people from MTM think the same, I don't think they like TV-Song anymore (Laughs). When we were back in the studio to record this album we decided not to have any guiding lights, we just wrote the songs as they went out.

In the old albums until 1992 the producer Ole Evenrude jointly composed a lot to give them a comercial sound, but with the last one we had all recorded before the contract with the label company and they couldn't give us instructions to compose in one or in other direction. I think all the tracks sound different and that is just the way we did.

Jesús: And now, are you preparing new songs?

Return: Not yet, but we are talking about.

Jesús: Similar to this last album?

Return: Maybe some classic Return sound, we hope! But what is classical Return sound? If you listen to classic albums like the V album you can listen to a lot of songs, all different.

Jesús: I think some of your classical sound is that you mix acoustic with electric guitars very often in your songs. And also it's tipical that you start an album with a quiet song.

Return: Yeah, that's true. That is something that involves good and bad sides. We are "Ballads" or "Mid-tempo" rockers. I think for the first time in the new album we have a lot of up-tempo songs. The record company said "the problem is that Return's best songs are ballads", because we want to be a rock band but they usually release ballads as singles.

Jesús: Ok, now I would like to ask you about new songs, projects, everything you are preparing now. Also about new concerts and gigs.

Return: We are enjoing playing very much for every audience. We are going to perform other shows after this one. 6 concerts in August.

Jesús: What do you think about melodic rock in these days? And here in Norway, because you have few melodic rock bands like Stage Dolls, TNT, Wig Wam in this quiet country.

Return: Actually there is more black metal in Norway than melodic as you can know. But for example in Bergen there are some melodic rock bands. On the Rise too for example. Do you know some promoters in Spain?

Jesús: Yes I know some ones but Spain is more a classic heavy metal country. Promoters sometimes organize a melodic rock concert or festival and theydon't really know if people will go to see it or not. Other times melodic rock fans don't know that some bands are coming to Spain because there isn't enough promotion.

Return: We have some big fans in Spain that ask very often to us to go to Spain, but we don't find promoters. We know Vinny Records in Spain that is a small melodic rock label there, and he is a big fan of us. If you know someone tell them that Return is free to play in Spain.


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